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Friday, December 31st, 2010

Posted by Leonard Steinberg on December 31st, 2010

Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal had an interesting article on alternative uses for the traditional dining room. As a broker I consistently hear the story of ‘the un-used dining room’…..its a story how everyone buying a home dreams of lavish dinner parties in their dining room surrounded by prized furnishings, accessories and artwork, only to realize years later that the room is hardly ever used.

We have seen over the years how the dining room is being re-invented: the paradigm is that a large table surrounded by chairs is for dining alone….the reality is a large table with chairs can be used for a host of other things, including a large work desk that converts to a dining table when needed. We think this is a brilliant solution to a decades long issue. A large table can be used for a host of other uses besides dining: conversation, casual entertaining, work space, etc, etc. It is only once we look at these ‘problem areas’ in homes with new eyes that solutions are formed. Maybe dining tables are hoisted ¬†up into the ceiling, and stored there when not in use?

Most New York homes require as much flexibility as possible, even the larger lavish ones. As the cost of space rises, the need for clever engineering increases. We see a huge future in space ENGINEERING, rather than mere design. With so much time spent on I-pads, laptops, etc, sitting at a ‘dining’ table sounds much healthier.

And now to come up with a name change: If not DINING ROOM, then what? The FLEX-ROOM? I-ROOM?