Posted by Leonard Steinberg on March 17th, 2012

Do you pay $ 55 per month for rent? Probably not. In this morning’s New York Post, a pensioner proudly boasts how he does in fact pay $ 55/month in rent. Why? Because he is entitled to that rent….and you  are not! It’s called rent regulation, a law enacted in New York in the 70’s that applies to a few of us……a select few.

I am not in any way saying that pensioners should not get a break from high New York rents that they cannot afford:  but why are a select few people entitled to these breaks when others are not?  Who is deciding this?  God? The argument is always that a law exists to protect certain select people and their relatives…..and that same law simply does not address everyone else….sorry! I guess these people who hide behind a completely ridiculous law must also endorse the laws that allow individuals and corporations earning millions to pay zero taxes? I guess these same people simply don’t care about the next generation trying to get a go in life, or quite frankly everyone else who has to foot the bill? If I knew I only had to pay $ 55/month in rent I would have to work significantly less, wouldn’t you?

I don’t object to tax breaks. I don’t object to subsidies. I don’t object to rent assistance and relief.  But why is it that only a few select people get to enjoy these enormous benefits?And where is the OUTRAGE at these abuses? Doesn’t the US Constitution protect us all and promise fair and equal treatment….to ALL?

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